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Meet Captain Norvin Eubank, the seasoned guide behind Flight Risk Charters, your gateway to unforgettable fishing adventures in Anna Maria Island, Florida. With years of experience and a passion for angling, Captain Norvin leads personalized inshore and nearshore fishing excursions aboard a top-of-the-line 23 ft Pathfinder bay boat. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned angler, Captain Norvin ensures a memorable and rewarding experience on the beautiful waters of Anna Maria Island. Join Flight Risk Charters for an unforgettable day of fishing and exploration along Florida's Gulf Coast.

Flight Risk Charters Photo Album is a collection of our guests in action. The Fish photos include Black Drum (Also Called Drum, Drummer), Redfish (Also Called Red Drum, Channel Bass, Spottail Bass), Blacktip Shark (Also Called Shark, Blacktip Shark ), Sea Trout (Also Called Speckled Trout, Spotted Sea Trout), Southern Flounder (Also Called Flounder, Plie ). The Fishing photos are taken in Romerly Marshes

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Reel Paradise: Anna Maria Fishing

Discover the thrilling realm of fishing with Flight Risk Charters, the premier choice for unforgettable angling adventures along the enchanting coastline of Anna Maria Island, FL. Led by Captain Norvin Eubank, anglers of all skill levels are welcome to experience the excitement of pursuing trophy catches against the stunning backdrop of Anna Maria Island's unspoiled waters. With an unwavering dedication to exceeding customer expectations and driven by a deep passion for angling, Flight Risk Charters assures an unforgettable voyage on the sea, teeming with excitement, camaraderie, and cherished moments set to last a lifetime.

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